2014 Officers

Yash Khandor, President

My excitement to be able to serve Carnegie Mellon University in the
capacity of Student Association (ChEMSA) president is surely a new and unmatched feeling. I am determined to continue my passion for giving back
to this place that gives so much to me. I am a Master’s student studying Chemical Engineering (research in Process Systems Engineering under Prof.Chrysanthos). I am originally from Mumbai, India, and have really enjoyed experiencing all that CMU has to offer for all students.

As a future alumnus, I know how important it will be for one day to look at present day ChemE at CMU and be proud to claim it as my alma mater. I sincerely hope you all can confidently do so. Throughout my term, I plan to continue the already smooth functioning of ChEMSA and make it an enjoyable stay for all of you at CMU.

In closing, I would like to personally congratulate all of you for your admit to this prestigious place. I sincerely hope that there is the realization of the open line of communication between ChEMSA and yourslef. I look forward to cultivating our relationship and meeting many of you over this coming year!

Meiheng Lu, Academic Chair

Hi, I’m Meiheng (Cecily), a master student in Prof. Kitchin’s group,focusing on database for DFT. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Dalian University of Technology in China. Personally, I like swimming, watching movies and, like all the girls do, the shopping. And the last, let me do better to make you happier!







Cheshta Balwani, Academic chair

Hello everyone, I am Cheshta and am presently working with Prof. Biegler on his work of Equation Oriented based Flowsheet Optimization. Prior to joining Carnegie Mellon, I did my Bachelors of Technology in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi. Other than working, I enjoy passing time with my friends and having fun.







HyunKyu Lee

I’m Hyunkyu, a master student of Dr.Kris’s group working on computational analysis on fluorescence images on cells. Contact me anytime for any concerns about your problems. I love to talk with others. Also, I would like to share my experiences of living in Pittsburgh with you.






Owaiz Ebrahim, Communications Chair

Hey, I am Owaiz Ebrahim, a master’s student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Currently I am working with Professor Robert D Tilton in the area of Complex Fluids Engineering. As Communications Chair of ChEMSA, it would be my duty and responsibility to convey to you various departmental announcements and inform you of all the activities being organized for you, the students. In the end, I welcome and congratulate you all on your admission to the Chemical Engineering Department at CMU.





Yunyao Zhang

Hello, everyone. I am Ruby (Yunyao), a master student in Chemical Engineering and CPS Program. I’m now working in the research group of Professor Gellman on structural surface project. I come from Yunnan, China, and graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China. After graduation, I had a gap year for internship and travelling. I like travelling and tasting delicious food. Pittsburgh is a beautiful and safe city, and I like the weather here. I have confidence that CMU and ChemE will give you a warm family and bright future.





Xin Liu – Social Chair

Hi, I am Xin Liu, your social chair. My duty is to plan and organize kinds of activities. Cooperating with the financial chair, communication chair and the president, I am trying to make our daily life wonderful with a reasonable budget. I feel happy to work with you to share our ideas and have fun.






Jiaqi Luo – Technical Chiar



Potential Meets Opportunity