2013 Officers

judy new

Judy Chen, President

Good I’m Judy, a master student of Dr. Sahinidis’s group working on Derivative Free Optimization. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Alberta in Canada. Pittsburgh is my second home now. I enjoy the weather and the culture here, and gradually becoming a fan of Steelers and Penguin. In my free time, I enjoying music, dancing, traveling and adventures!





mike newMichael Jiang, VP-Social

Hi, I am Michael (Zefan), a master student in Chemical Engineering, now working with Professor Anna on a microfluidics CFD project. I graduated from Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Aside from work, once I had a gap year for travelling. I have been to most parts of China. Outdoor activities are my favorite, such as hiking, biking and camping. I also go swimming every week. I am pretty confident that our association will bring you lots of fun and make a difference!


robin new

 Robin Cheng, VP-Social

Hi, I am Robin, Master of Science student working in PSE for Dr. Sahinidis. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Alberta in Canada, and majored also in Chemical Engineering. Aside from my studies, I enjoy playing soccer, watching movie, travelling, and playing poker.


judy new

Feng Cao, VP-Technical

I’m Feng Cao, a master student of Chemical Engineering in Prof. Bob Tilton’s group, focusing on the cell-bind effect of gold nano particle. I designed and constructed this CHEMSA website with WordPress. Although it is simple and humble, I regard it as my little baby. Thank you for your visiting. If you have any suggestion and advice, don’t hesitate to leave a message. More information and function will come soon.


xiaoqiang Huangqiang Zhao, VP Academic

Hi I’m Huangqiang, and my English name is Chandler. Why? Firstly, it sounds like my Chinese name Qiang. More importantly, I like Friends, because I really appreciate their friendship that they always support each trouble when they are in trouble, no matter how much quarrels they have in their daily life. My motto is ‘Work hard and play hard’, which is the way I think we can have a good life. I love history, especially Chinese history, although I didn’t have a systematic learning of history, but I like learning history as I consider history as a mirror of today’s life and we should get experience and lessons from history and avoid those silly mistakes happening again.


raj new

Rajan Chidambaram Siva, VP-Communication

Hello everyone. I am Rajan, a master student in the Department of Chemical Engineering, working in the area of Catalysts and Surface Science. I am a research Intern at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Prior to my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon, I was an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering at Sathyabama University in Chennai, India. I am interested in football, snooker, and tennis.

zach new

Zach Zhong, VP-Finance

Hi everyone. This is Zach (Zhenhuan), a master student in CPS (Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces) program of the Department of Chemical Engineering. I love Chemistry and would like to be a good chemical engineer in the future. Now I am doing research on the area of Polymer and Surfactant Co-adsorption under the instruction of Prof. Robert D. Tilton. I used to study Chemistry when I was an undergraduate student in Shandong University in China. That’s why I believe there must be some special chemistry between us that gathered us here from all over the world. So as an indivisible member of this family, I feel honored and would like to work with all of you guys, spare my passion and efforts to do something meaningful that can make this community warmer and better.

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