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Incoming Masters one-day tour

A Pittsburgh one-day tour is on its way for the incoming Chemical Engineering Masters students! With Molly’s Trolleys’ service, two trolleys will be used to cart the new students on a sightseeing tour of Pittsburgh, all the way from Frick Park to Duquesne Incline. This will give the incoming class a first look at what the city has to offer. The event will be on 21st August 2015.

Incoming Graduate Students BBQ

Happy Hour has been a weekly fiesta for all the graduate students. It is that time of the week where the Masters, PhD students and the professors interact with each other informally. To celebrate the incoming graduate students’ first happy hour, we have organized a BBQ during the Happy Hour. Get ready for some food, drinks and the gathering of the new and old! Mark the date: 21st August 2015. Be there!

Incoming Masters Student Academic Event

The incoming masters students have a plethora of options for subjects to choose from. From core courses to ChemE and non-ChemE elective courses, it can get really confusing! To give an unbiased opinion about subjects from our time, we have organized an Academic event for the Incoming Masters students. We will give a brief overview about all the courses that we had taken last Fall thereby easing the confusion! Of course you can always contact the academic advisor for further details. Mark the date: 26th August, 2015 at 2 pm. Venue: Masters Lounge. Be there!
PS : Pizzas will be served!